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  • 55% R.H. - BOOST ( 4gr ) - 5 Pack

    $5.00 $4.00

    Integra Boost is a non-saline 2 way humidifier that preserves freshness and flavor. It keeps your product fully humidified at 55% Humidity. Each Boost comes wrapped in its own plastic wrap and includes and each boost even includes a Humidity Indicator card that lets you know when you need to replace it. 


    In addition to all that, thanks to Integra Boosts patented gel, there are no off putting flavors that can develop over time like when using saline humidifiers. You save money and get more vs other brands. When you are purchasing your product to enjoy its flavor can be over $50.00, don't you want to make sure it’s always its very best flavor for only or $1 or $4 for a 5 pack? 


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