Hot Box Vaporizers

About Us:

It all began out of a garage. This Hot Box was engineered to vape easily without the hassle of all the extra work. Just plug it in, turn the dial so you see a red light on, wait 5-10 mins for it to heat up and it's ready to go. Hot Box was created in 2001 and launched in 2002. This Vaporizer is easy to use and very discreet. 

The Hot Box is a revolutionary, U.S. patented, multi-purpose device designed to enhance your herbal vaporizing experience. It is designed for simple and safe use. Through its innovative design, the Hot Box allows for an effective and healthier vaporizing alternative. The Hot Box has been tested by an independent 3rd party analytical laboratory and proven safer than conventional methods and is especially popular among medical users. Hot Box Vaporizer. Hot Box Vape.

The simplicity of the Hot Box design eliminates the need for gimmicky digital readouts or fans which can complicate the vaporizing experience. Regardless of the temperature you set, unless you inhale at the same rate every time, the dials don't do anything for you. The rate you draw controls the temperature. Our patented stone and tile construction and highly engineered heat source allows the HOT BOX to heat-up and sustain its optimal temperature more efficiently. Also, with the Hot Box, there is no ongoing need to purchase plastic bags or parts.

With its user-friendly design, the Hot Box is ideal for anyone who would like to vaporize. Additionally we provide the option of an aromatherapy attachment; the Hot Box will fill your room with pleasant, soothing aromas when fitted with our attachment and filled with your choice of incense oil. Hot Box is hand made in Orange County, CA with American labor and most parts from U.S. manufacturers.

Hot Box Vapors…simply the best extraction hardware on the market.